How To Financially Plan And Save On Your House Demolition

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Home demolitions can cost in the thousands of dollars and require lengthy planning processes. Over 800 'historic' homes are demolished every week in Australia, and limited financing options are available without reconstruction funding. Therefore, you will need to plan effectively, cutting out excess costs such as de-cluttering and other types of manual labour. The rates you are expected to pay will depend on the materials used in building your home, the complexity of the demolition process, the excavation costs and whether or not asbestos is present in the house. Here's everything you should know to plan accordingly and avoid excess spending.

Your Demolition Quote Depends On The Type Of Work And Machinery Required

Modern house demolitions are mostly conducted using machines which reduce labour hours and safety risks involved. Generally, demolishing a house will cost you more for a brick or stone home than for a wooden home. You will need to hire demolition experts to assess your specific needs; if your house requires to be excavated, for example, more equipment will need to be employed. It is likely that your demolishing service will have to use an excavator (generally weighing over two tonnes), a tip truck or a bobcat.

You will have to pay for the rental of this equipment; therefore, it may be wise to ask how much your demolition service is charged for hourly rentals of each machine. Attachments like drills and rock grab also increase costs significantly, and the use of a diamond blade rock saw (for the demolition of complex metallic structures such as steel roofing) can even require contracting insurance.

Getting An Accurate Estimate Is The First Step To Saving On Your Demolition

You will need to begin by getting on-site inspections, including an asbestos inspection. If your house has asbestos, you will likely need a removal service before you can receive the appropriate permits to demolish your home. When getting a quote from your contractor, be sure to obtain tangible reasons for all cost overruns.

You may also be able to make some money to fund your demolition by selling wood and metal fixtures before the demolition begins. If you're looking to rebuild on the site, using the same excavator will allow you to save on labour costs. This might save you hundreds. You can also look for contractors willing to use some of your home's discarded materials and discount your demolition process accordingly.

A Finishing Note

You can save on your home demolition by ensuring that your quotes are fair and accurate and that fixtures that can be salvaged and sold or exchanged aren't destroyed. Make sure to get the full picture of the processes required during your demolition and the equipment required to avoid overhead costs.

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