3 Things to Know Before You Restump Your Home

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If the stumps under your home need replacing, then you might not be sure how this process works. If you've never had to deal with restumping in the past, then you don't have any previous experience.

Read on to improve your restumping knowledge.

1. You Shouldn't Restump Your Home Yourself

If you like doing DIY projects, then you might be thinking about doing your own restumping work. This is not a good idea. Restumping might look simple in practice, but it is not a DIY job.

If you make mistakes, then you could affect the structural integrity of your home. It could develop serious structural faults that are expensive to fix. Plus, your insurer might not pay for damage if you didn't have your home professionally restumped by qualified contractors.

You should hire experienced house restumping contractors for this job. They can remove and replace your stumps quickly, securely and safely.

2. Your Soil Affects Your Choice of Stump Material

People typically use either wood, concrete or steel stumps. Each material has its pros and cons.

For example, wood stumps are low-cost but might not last as long as other options. Concrete and steel stumps usually have a longer lifespan and are very strong; however, they cost more.

While you might have chosen the material you'd like to use for your stumps, bear in mind that this decision isn't just down to personal preference. The quality and condition of your soil also have a part to play.

For example, concrete stumps aren't always the best solution if your ground contains a lot of moisture. On the other hand, wood stumps can do well in wet ground. Steel stumps work well in most ground conditions.

So, make sure to factor your soil into your choice of material. If you make the wrong decision, then your new stumps won't last as long as they should.

3. You Can Switch to a Different Stump Material

Once you've analysed your soil type, you might be left with a couple of choices of stumping materials. If one of these choices is the same as your current stumps, you might be tempted just to stick with this option.

However, you should look at each type of stump. Compare their pros, cons and costs. The more you know here, the more likely you are to choose the right restumping solution. Your new stumps will be more effective and will last longer.

To get started, contact a local house restumping company and ask them to take a look at your home.