Commercial Property Maintenance Tips

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One challenge experienced by commercial property owners is property maintenance. It is especially so if the property has a high, daily walk-in rate. This article contains intricate details on how to maintain your commercial property. 

Set Property Use Rules

The best way to prevent the misuse of the various facilities and amenities in your commercial building is by setting the rules on the use of the common property. It is a sure way to compel tenants and their clients to be careful when on the premises. For example, you could prohibit pets and hold people responsible if they damage a fixture in the building. 

Conduct Regular Inspections

Inspections will help you identify issues at an early stage, thus avoiding expensive repairs. For example, you could use specialised cameras to identify blocks and leaks in the drainage system. Solving such issues at an early stage will help prevent chronic problems, such as the backup of sewer or drainage pipe bursts. On the other hand, dealing with frayed wiring and replacing dysfunctional switches and circuit breakers will help prevent fires at your premises. 

It would be wise to keep a paper trail of the inspections and repairs. For example, a rusting shingle in your roof might not seem like an immediate problem. However, if your roof begins to leak, you will know the cause of the problem. Records will also help determine the frequency of the maintenance work. For instance, you might realise that the fence requires repainting annually. 

Hire A Maintenance Contractor

A maintenance contractor will handle all aspects of property maintenance. The rule is that you should perform due diligence to ensure that the contractor has the licencing needed to conduct electrical, plumbing, building and roofing works. Since the contractor will spend considerable time on your property, they must have general liability and workers compensation insurance. Before hiring the contractor, assess their interest in creating long term partnerships. Remember, you might not have the time to look for a contractor every time the building requires maintenance work.  

Set A Budget 

Set aside some funds for your property maintenance project.  Ideally, your contractor should assess the property and come up with a rough estimate of the property maintenance costs. These charges could either increase or decrease, depending on the quality of amenities and how your tenants use the various amenities. 

Commercial property maintenance tips include setting rules on the use of shared property, conducting regular inspections, hiring a maintenance contractor and setting a budget. Reach out to a property maintenance service near you to learn more.